BarbaraBarbara Martin, Author of Powerful Heart Books

Barbara Martin is a retired teacher who is now involved in prayer ministry for the emotional healing of the church. When her granddaughters went through a long-term emotional storm, she searched for a book to help them see their choices in a seemingly choice-less situation. When she found none, she decided to write them herself. Junk or Joy? is one of the results. Barbara has called Alaska home for over 30 years. She has two children and four grandchildren.






Marsha Oberlender, Illustrator of

Junk or Joy

Marsha Oberlender and her daughter, Danielle Dixon, worked as a team to bring the concepts in this book to life. Marsha painted the water color pictures and Danielle came along side with her graphic art skills to help complete the process. Marsha is an accountant by trade and an artist by passion. She calls Alaska home and has raised her three daughters there. She is grandmother to eight.






CheriseCherise Hyslip, Illustrator of

Offense, Get Off My Fence

Cherise Hyslip loves to teach art and how to connect with the One who created all. She never runs out of ideas because she asks God to give her thoughts, ideas, and inspiration that will bring heaven to earth through her art. She asks Him for art with meaning to those who are searching. Perhaps someone looking at her art has a broken heart and just needs to know that God loves them and really does see and hear them. This is the challenge that explodes Cherise’s paintbrush. Cherise and her husband manage The Alaska Dream Center for addiction recovery. She has two sons and three grandchildren.