Junk or Joy features your two kinds of hearts – your physical heart and your spiritual heart.  You feed your physical heart healthy foods like fruits and vegetables to keep it healthy.  Similarly, you feed your spiritual heart healthy choices like love and peace to keep it healthy.  This is as easy as A B C!

  • Abiding with Jesus
  • Believing Jesus
  • Conversation with Jesus

Junk or Joy highlights the choices we make that feed our spiritual heart and affect our present and our future.  Good and poor choices are contrasted using alliteration for sound and metaphor to compare each choice to something concrete. Because of the language the books can be enjoyed as young as 3, but the concepts are growing and learning concepts that can affect people on all levels and at all ages.

$15.95 each or $29.90 as a set with Offense

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  • Junk or Joy: Feed your heart from the inside
  • Author: Barbara Martin
  • Illustrator: Marsha Oberlender & Danielle Dixon
  • Published and Copyrighted: 2014