Offense, Get Off My Fence highlights guarding your spiritual heart from outside offenses you can run into every day. Your heart is a valuable treasure to be carefully guarded.  Your spiritual heart houses your emotions and feelings.  Offense comes when people hurt you, insult you, and cause you pain.  You cannot control other people and you cannot always control your circumstances.  But there is something you can control – your response. This book explores different scenarios where offense is encountered by children in their everyday experiences.  Each scenario explores the choices for responding and how those choices affect the child’s present and future.  The everyday decisions we make daily contribute to the joy and peace in our life.

Offense, Get Off My Fence also explores healthy boundaries and how you can use them to guard your heart from people and situations you encounter.  In addition, it introduces larger concepts like the cycle of offense, lies we believe, mistakes and consequences, trust, forgiveness, choice, blame, love, and responsibility.  The free downloadable journal helps expound on these concepts.  Its partner book, Junk or Joy, explores how to feed your heart from the inside with your daily choices.

$15.95 each or $29.90 as a set with Junk or Joy 

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  • Offense, Get Off My Fence: Guard your heart from the outside
  • Author: Barbara Martin
  • Illustrator: Cherise Hyslip
  • Published and Copyrighted: 2014