Communication or Control?

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COMMUNICATION is to express your view point or give information.  CONTROL is trying to force someone else to agree with you.  Many angry arguments are fueled by the need to control the other person and make them agree.  I recently saw … Continued

The Webs We Weave with Lies and Gossip

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Lies and gossip are like a spider web.  They both start small and grow until they spin out of control.  Both are sticky mazes!  You can’t get out and you can’t see how you got in.  The lies you believe … Continued

4 Good Reasons to Build Healthy Boundaries

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In their book titled Boundaries, Townsend and Cloud define a boundary as a fence around your soul.  In my book, Offense Get Off My Fence, I talk about it being a white picket fence around your heart.  It is a … Continued

4 Common Categories of Lies About Our Identity

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Childhood experiences sometimes teach us to believe things about ourselves that are false.  The longer we operate out of those false beliefs or lies, the more entrenched they become in our thoughts and the more we make decisions based on them.  … Continued